Top Neuroscience and Behavior Podcasts

Understanding cognition and human behavior have always enchanted humankind. What’s interesting with this niche is that you can learn about it pretty well even if you don’t study this subject for the sake of degree (though the level of expertise of neuroscience professionals remains incomparable). However, it takes a lot of concentration and efforts to decipher what’s written in the books. Nonetheless, if you are looking for some easy alternative to the textbooks, perhaps, all you need is a dedicated podcast.

Fortunately, you can now find a number of podcasts focusing on neuroscience and behavioral studies. You can easily access them via iTunes, Spotify, and other major platforms. Just make sure to download a dedicated VPN Spotify or iTunes to ensure uninterrupted access to your favorite podcast from any location.

Below we list some of the best podcasts that not only benefit the academicians but also educate the lovers of this field.

Hidden Brain

Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, ‘Hidden Brain’ is a nice podcast that guides the audience about the basics of cognition and behavior at the basic level. The host adapts a friendly style, delivering guidance by using the listeners’ own intellectual mistakes, blind spots, and prejudices. He guides and explains how our judgmental and decisive abilities get influenced by different forces, such as external pressure, mental stress, or our own fears, complexes, and nostalgias. Vedentam seamlessly teaches about the wonderful science driving the human brains and its hidden strengths – thus justifying the name ‘hidden brain’.

All in The Mind

Another interesting neuroscience and behavior podcast for avid lovers is ‘All in the Mind’. Published online by the Australian Broadcast Company, it is a must-listen podcast for all those interested in unleashing what triggers a specific human behavior. The host Lynne Malcolm effortlessly explains how the behavior is powered by a small tissue between the ears, contributing to the overall psychology. Malcolm also elaborates the importance of social relationships and their effects on the human mindset.


‘Freakonomics’ – as the name implies – is all about the ‘freaking’ behavior of the ‘freaks’. The podcast is hosted by Stephen Dubner, a journalist who is also included in the duo behind the book series ‘Freakonomics’. Just as the book, the podcast also focuses on similar topics. In the podcast, the host invites different individuals from the academic and folk niches for detailed discussions on various topics such as medicine, productivity, success, or even hot dogs.